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Beside the paintings you can see at this site on the "artists page", there are
creatings of my own. One serie I call "New style of the third millenium".
Some other serie is based on videogames produced for Playstation and Dreamcast.
They are abstract decorative paintings or artworks which are inspired
by the dynamic, colors and futurism of videogames.

All projects are objetcs of my desires!

That could be works of art for which I don´t
have an order or there is still the
reproduction right at the creator (The
artist must be dead since at least 70 years)
that I can copy a painting and sell it.
But some paintings I love very much
-so I do it for my own pleasure
-as you can see it with the "Night Hawks"
ReMiX of Edward Hopper.
Sometimes I create
"Computer Aided Arts -CAA"
like this one