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Gallery of Paintings:

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Irises by van Gogh (1889) Woman with Parasol by Monet (1875) Cafe Place du Forum Arles by van Gogh (1888) Field with crows by van Gogh (1890)
Irises (van Gogh 1889) Woman with Parasol (Monet1875) Cafe Place du Forum (van Gogh 1888) Field with crows (van Gogh 1890)
Blue and red Horse Waterlillies Nighthawks Stary Night
Blue and Red Horse (Franz Marc 1912) Waterlillies (Monet 1914) Nighthawks -Not for sale! Only for my own pleasure (Hopper 1942) Stary Nights (van Gogh 1889)
Bridge at Langlois Japanese Bridge
Bridge at Langlois (van Gogh 1888) Japanese Bridge (Claude Monet 1899) Monets Garden at Vethieul (Monet 1890) Palazzo da Mula -Venice (Claude Monet 1908)