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Behind "ReMiXed" is the idea that as in music the spirit of the times creates new likings for the objects of interest.

What changed since artists as Monet or van Gogh painted their artworks is obvious. Yes, everything is faster, louder, bigger and more expressive. The people are not satisfied with just little things. They want it all and now.
There is no silent mass of people as it was at the beginning of the last century. There are so many bright and genious people as it was no time before. Goverment is less important. Less People are adicted to others. Many people are selfsufficient and independent. There are their own kings in their own kingdoms.

What to give them what they don´t have every day
                                Bliss through the eternal beauty of art!

Of course you can buy a van Gogh for $ 10 million. But who really can? And than you sit in your living room take out your glasses and stand 20 cm before the original to watch it and to enjoy it. May be you do it in the safe where the paintings resides. And who shares your adoration with you -just a few people.

The paintings I do are all this what the original not gives.
They are much more bigger as the original, -e.g. the original is a tender water color painting of 20x30 cm (Red and Blue Horse by Franz Marc). The "ReMix" is a 120x180 cm shining and glowing acrylic painting. The colours are made of new, shining and bright colourpigments of the famous swiss colour-manufacturer "Lascaux".
The ReMiXed paintings are not the precise copy. Of course my impression of the original artwork is forming the expression of every painting I do. One owner of the van Gogh painting "Cafe Place du Forum in Arles" said, that the "ReMiXed" is much more impressive, brighter and gorgeous than the original you can see in the Kröller­Müller Museum in the Netherlands. And I´m shure everybody who owns a "ReMiXed" by P. K. had the experience many, many times.
These paintings are for people who lives in representative buildings, people who take care on details in beautyness and decoration. People who can feel the artworks with their heart and don´t need their brain to confirm what they feel.

      Claude Monet ones said:

"I don´t know why people want to understand my paintings, where they only have to love them."

I don´t want to discuss wether my paintings are good or not with some artcritics and I don´t need it.

It is quite simple:

People who loves my paintings will adore and desire them. People who don´t love them don´t need to!