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To  keep everyone satisfied and happy in this relationship (We don´t produce and sell cars and you don´t buy eggs ;-). The following conditions be considered as agreed:

All prices in the actual list of paintings and prices are without VAT (Deutsch=MwSt). The price of the paintings is without the frame, shipping and insurance. Half of the price is due when the painting is ordered. The rest is due when the painting is delivered. In this case a pre-moneyorder has to be made by the customer in advance.
Insurance and the shipping costs has to be paid with the order for the painting. For this parts of the business will be a seperate offer. We work together with an international shipping agency which will deliver the paintings in between 14 days. The delivery period after the order is 2 month.

The ReMiXed paintings are not exact copies of the original. They can differ in colour, structure and brushstroke. The colours are made of new, shining and bright colourpigments of the famous swiss colour-manufacturer "Lascaux". The paintings are in acrylic and are all varnished with a high shining emulsion. If you want it in matt you can tell us and it will be matt.
The ReMiXed paintings are not the precise copy. Of course my impression of the original artwork is forming the expression of every painting I do. One owner of the van Gogh painting "Cafe Place du Forum in Arles" said, that the "ReMiXed" is much more impressive, brighter and gorgeous than the original you can see in the Kröller­Müller Museum in the Netherlands. And I´m shure everybody who owns a "ReMiXed" by P. K. had the experience many, many times.
These paintings are for people who lives in representative buildings, people who take care on details in beautyness and decoration. People who can feel the artworks with their hearts and don´t need their brain to confirm what they feel.

      Claude Monet ones said:

"I don´t know why people want to understand my paintings, where they only have to love them."

I don´t want to discuss wether my paintings are good or not with some artcritics and I don´t need it.
It is quite simple:

People who loves my paintings will adore and desire them. People who don´t love them don´t need to!

Nevertheless you will get a masterpiece of art which is much more impressive, georgeous and bright than you ever has seen (even when you know the original).

We wish every vistor of this site and every owner of one of our paintings for him and his family joy and bliss in life.